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Hook and Loop fastening is the suggested method for panels which will occasionally be removed. It is not for panels which will be constantly removed and put back, since that

could damage either the fastener or panel board.


Adhesive mounting is preferred for applications where speed and ease of installation is the aim, or where various field conditions require flexibility in mounting. This type of installation requires little or no layout time for the installer. Adhesive mounting is a permanent system, so panels cannot be taken off and reused.


Z-Clip mounting is recommended whenever panels will be removed frequently and requires planning and layout at the time of installation.  There are two types of Z-clip mounting: the type where factory installed clips are epoxy-bonded into the fiberglass core of the panel, and

the aluminum mounting system where the Z-clips are attached to the panel's aluminum frame with self-tapping screws.


You may also download the mounting information in PDF form here:  Mounting and Installation

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