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CurvTambour™, generically known as Tambour, offers the Architectural & Design community the Design Freedom to provide both flexibility and create spectacular accents for walls, columns and wainscoting.  Tambour can preserve the architectural style and design integrity, or allow the designer to create outstanding design concepts. Our extensive array of tambour profiles, materials and finishes will enhance about any architectural surface.   


Our Decorative Tambour has been selected for multiple uses such as, above chair-rail wallcovering, short wainscot function, cabinet shop incorporation in store fixtures, and woodworker’s applications in specialty use decorative products, such as tambour doors in solid wood or veneer, among others.


The Curvwood CurvTambour collection of decorative tambour is designed primarily for commercial use. However, due to our high quality and broad selection of profiles, colors and materials it is popular in select residential applications. From a building lobby, or boardroom, or accent wall to a beach house wainscot, New England cottage, or historical restoration - Tambour is it!


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  • Columns & poles wrapped in Tambour of either solid wood, wood veneer, brushed aluminum metal, your laminate choice, or order different styles and finishes and cut and butt slats to form your own unique design.

  • Wall covering for curved or flat walls.

  • Chair rails in offices, hallways and executive office base trim.

  • Wainscot in offices or in home settings.

  • Woodworker application across or around receptionist desk or bank teller counters.

  • Interior mall storefront facades and retro-Deco curved ceiling applications.

  • Restaurant design and dining room applications.



Our Decorative Tambour is manufactured in a wide variety of unique finishes, including quality hardwoods in Red and White Oak, Maple, Cherry, Popular, Mahogany, Ash, Walnut and many more. Using colorful designs in laminates from Wilsonart and Formica brands we can create for your project laminate tambour in hundreds of colors and textures as ideal accent wall coverings.


For the high-tech area and LA style design we offer Brushed Aluminum panels with Black painted grooves for sharp contrasts. For your own Custom Designs and your skilled contractor, you can field install designs that give total Design Freedom. Trim out slats from sheets of solid wood, laminate or metal and then field install and butt different slats together per your design mix resulting in various custom combinations. See possible combination examples above. We also offer CurvMirror unique flexible glass mirror with a clothbacking and hand cut into squares, rectangles, or strips, within the sheet. Sheet sizes vary from about 24" X 24" to 24" X 12" in clear and color choices. These CurvMirror cloth backed real glass flex-sheets can also mix into a Custom Design adding CurvTambour slats by your skilled contractor. Click here for CurvMirror. Note: this is a high end product.


Curvwood Tambour offers total Design Freedom. This product can be used both vertical and horizontal by mixing surface areas of application with solid wood panels and polished / brushed metal panels or panels of your laminate choice or mirrored panels all used in different methods to offer a signature effect.  Decorative tambours are manufactured in panel sizes up to ten feet high and four feet wide. Standard panel thickness ranges from a nominal 3/16” to 5/16”. The exact height and width is subject to the profile style and material chosen, please review the following styles.


All manufacturing lengths and widths are subject to +/ - 1/8” tolerance. Solid wood profiles are produced in nominal sheet size of 12" wide X 95" slat length, while Wood Veneer, Metal, Laminate, and Paintable Tambour is produced in a nominal sheet size of 48" wide X 96" slat lengths, as noted in each product description. Due to the variation in materials, profiles, grain and color, our firm does not warrant “controlled” appearance. Please click on the FAQ, and call with any of your special project questions.


Note: Most of our Tambour is Paperbacked for many varied applications, from cabinet shop use to multi interior design styles, to wall covering. Equally popular is Clothbacked Tambour, used for Sliding Doors or Roll Top Desk applications. We offer this material in many species in both Veneer and Solid Wood choices. We also offer Solid-Like Wood Tambour Doors, as custom production.

Available CurvTambour™ Styles:

Solid Wood - Red Oak

Solid Wood - Various Species

Wood Veneer

Paint-Grade Solid Wood

Paint-Grade Hardboard

High Pressure Decorative Laminates

Decorative Metals

Clothback Veneer CurvTambour

Clothback Solid Wood

Tambour Doors Solid Wood with Leadrails

Doors - Veneer

Doors - Solid Look


General Information

This is a wholesale website for professional Woodworkers. However, there is a small quantity and / or dollar minimum requirement on various products. Please see order information.  All sales by credit card only for immediate processing. Orders paid by company check may require additional time for bank processing. Sorry, no personal checks. This is not a retail site, we may charge for samples. Samples are only available as fall-off from past production. Samples are designed to show profile, the wood specie of any sample is only a general representation of that specie, it is NOT what your order will look like, as that raw material has been used, so exact specie in samples is not really required, only the profile, as professionals should be aware of variation in each wood specie. When possible we try to accommodate requests.


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