Curvwood DoorSaver™

Curvwood DoorSaver is a supported wood veneer that can be applied on an interior door by a skilled wood worker. The product is designed only for climate controlled interiors. DoorSaver is manufactured specifically as a interior decorative facing material for low traffic interior doors in commercial and institutional applications.

Curvwood DoorSaver veneer may be ordered for manufacture, with a choice of three different backings, as shown below. These Cabinet Grade veneer styles include Duraback ( phenolic/resin ), Paperback ( 10 mil), Natural WoodEdge ( wood veneer backer).

Please note, the raw wood veneer thickness is the same very thin sliced thickness for each backer style, the only difference is the backer thickness. Backer thickness choice runs form Paper most flexible, to Wood veneer, to the thickest & stiffest being Duraback.

Curvwood DoorSaver offers a wide choice of fine wood veneers for resurfacing commercial interior doors. This product is real wood veneer sliced almost paper thin and then laminated to the backer choice, to then be laminated by an experienced woodworker to a properly prepared door face. Usually after 48 hours the veneer can then be finished with a clear natural or stain finish, we do NOT suggest lacquer as it may cause the veneer grain to raise and / or cause delamination.

SO beware, use caution with lacquer finish. Since we have no control over installation, the experience of the installer or job conditions, or the suitability of product use, we do not offer nor express any warranty on any DoorSaver product or production application. Important Considerations About DoorSaver Veneers

1) The face of the interior door ( flat face) is all the product is designed to cover. It will NOT bend 90 degree around an edge. So consider what to do, if anything about the door edges.

2) The door Jam may be a major problem. DoorSaver will increase the door thickness, and thus will cause a problem with the door hardware fit. If the door ONLY has a jam trim on the inside, thus if there in no concern about thickness on the outside of the door face, the product may be a good consideration.

3) The door base should have a kick plate installed after veneer installation for protection. Remember raw veneer can be cut with scissors, so the re-faced door is not designed to take traffic abuse.

4) Consider the backing selected. Just because because Wood on Wood or Duraback is selected does NOT mean the veneer face will preform with traffic. It only means installation maybe easier or cover better than paper backed, although it WILL increase the overall veneer thickness and thus the refaced door thickness and Jam fit.

5) All raw veneer thickness when sliced and ALL veneer backers will have a range of thickness tolerance. The DoorSaver table is only a Guide of nominal thickness.

6) For ADDITIONAL information about a Style Backing, refer to the MENU choices at the left.

7) The BEST TOOL available is woodworker common sense.



Style CG-100-DS


Style CG-200-DS

Paper Back

Style CG-300-DS

Wood Back

Sheet Width:


Sheet Lengths:




Resin backed

Sheet Thickness:

Nominal 0.039”

Sheet Width:


Sheet Lengths:




10 mil Paper Backed

Sheet Thickness:

Nominal 0.020”

Sheet Width:


Sheet Lengths:




Wood backed

Sheet Thickness:

Nominal 0.040”

Available Veneers:

  • Ash, White F/C

  • Birch, White-Rotary Spliced

  • Cherry, F/C Premium

  • Mahogany, F/C African (Khaya) Premium

  • Maple, White F/C

  • Oak, Red F/C Premium

  • Oak, White F/C Premium

  • Sapele

  • Walnut, F/C Premium

  • Additional species and sheet sizes available on special quotations.

Since we have no control over the end use of DoorSaver, the job site conditions, the skill of the installer and the quality of finishing, NO warranty is expressed or implied.


For a Quotation on your DoorSaver project please contact us.  Quote Request PDF


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Important Considerations Before Application of DoorSaver Veneers



Materials should be properly conditioned before they are used. The standard recommendation is that both the veneer and substrate should be stored in the same environment for 5 days to ensure their moisture content is in equilibrium. Extreme temperature/humidity fluctuations will affect both the veneer and substrate. High humidity levels will cause veneer to expand/buckle, while extremely dry conditions will cause veneer to shrink. Both the veneer and substrate should be free of paint, grease, dirt, dust, oil, or any other foreign matter. Substrate surfaces must be sanded with 80 grit sandpaper and entire area dusted clean. Good bonds depend upon smooth, clean, dry surfaces.



Solvent based adhesives work best with veneer products. Water based products should be avoided when possible. The adhesive should be applied uniformly to both the substrate and veneer. 100% glue coverage is recommended. This is especially critical to the edges and areas where veneer sheets butt together. Any areas void of glue adhesive can bubble. If the substrate is porous and absorbs adhesive, a second coat is required. The veneer back should be coated also. Follow the glue manufacturer's recommendation on open time before bonding the veneer to the substrate.

Keep in mind the open time is affected by humidity and temperature. Adhesives which contain higher solid contents perform better. Adhesives should always be stirred or agitated before use. This is particularly necessary with large containers. See manufacturer's recommendations.

The Only Exception to the non-use of water-based glues is with our DuraBack™ Resin-Backed veneer, which is recommended for use with both water and solvent-based adhesives.


*Potential Trouble Areas*

1. Using water based products immediately raises moisture content and can cause delamination.

2. Too little, too much, or uneven distribution of glue can cause delamination.

 3. Bonding before adhesive solvent has evaporated or after open time has expired can cause delamination.


Not recommended for use on sheet rock or drywall



To ensure intimate contact necessary for an adequate bond, sufficient pressure should be applied over the entire area using as much pressure as possible without damaging the veneer. Platten presses and bag presses work very well. If these options are not available use a fiber knife or veneer scraper and start in the center of the veneer sheet working out. Always work in the same direction as the grain of the veneer. The edges should always be scraped twice. A standard "J" roller is not recommended due to the low pressure exerted with them.



The adhesive should dry a minimum of 48 hours before finishing. High grade petroleum based urethanes and acrylic based lacquers reduce the risk of veneer checking. These finishes provide a good moisture barrier. Always seal the back of panels if raw or unsealed. Always use caution with lacquers. Follow the recommendations of the finish manufacturer.



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