Curvwood® Veneer Products F.A.Q.’s

How can I get a sample?

Does Curvwood come pre-finished ?

How much will each sheet of veneer yield?

Are there any extra charges I may incur when I order?

How long is your pricing good for?

How is the veneer cut and matched?

What do I need to know about paper-backed veneers?

What other kinds of backings are available?

What additional veneers are available?


CurvTambour Products F.A.Q.’s

How soon will my order ship?

How can I pay for my order?

How does my order ship?

How do job site conditions affect installation of CurvTambour™?

Can I achieve a controlled appearance with CurvTambour™?

If I order a Tambour style in 2 different lengths (95/96" and 119/120") will both match or be made at the same time from same raw material lot ?

How do I prepare my wall for CurvTambour™ installation?

How should I apply adhesive for CurvTambour™?

How do I cut CurvTambour™ wallcovering?

What should I know about installing Solid Wood/Slat CurvTambour™?


Curvwood® Veneer Products F.A.Q.’s


How can I get a sample?

Samples of Curvwood standard stock items are normally available in a 3” x 3” size. We reserve the right to charge for some sample requests, especially exotic veneers. We do not offer samples on all types of backing. Our Veneer Library offers a good example of most standard veneers. Verbal samples requests are not accepted, please complete the our Sample Request Form and Email or Fax it back. You are welcome to call us to discuss your project, however, we will only respond to a written request with complete information for quotes or samples. A customer service representative will respond to your request ASAP.


We either mail or UPS samples. Any express service requested must be paid in advance or provide your UPS or FedEx account number on the request form and sign it. We do not send samples or shipments outside the 50 states. When we have worked with and provided an architect or designer firm samples and technical information and time, and have been specified, we do not resample bidders, installers or contractors. We advise you to order what is specified or refer to the sample already in the specifier's hands.


Does Curvwood come pre-finished?

No. All styles of curvwood veneer for both Cabinet Shop and Wood Wallcovering are shipped unfinished for shop or field applied finish. Please review finish consideration for products and do not use lacquer. Remember, if using stain on veneer, it takes less than solid wood, to produce the finish color desired.


How much will each sheet of veneer yield?

The typical stock sheet is 4’ wide x 8’ long and offers 32 square feet of workable product. Other non-stock sizes are 2’ x 8’ offering 16 sq. ft.., and 4’ x 10’ offering 40 sq. ft.. of product. A good estimate is to order 1 extra sheet for waste / error / problems. This can of course increase based on the project application and backing required.


Are there any extra charges I may incur when I order?

To help protect your shipment in transit with truckers, we appreciate your understanding of the following charges. However, you can combine different species to meet the minimum sheet requirement and thereby obtain the lowest price point for a single shipment.

  • 2-3 sheets add $15.00 small order processing, packing and box charge.

  • 4-9 sheets add $ 7.00 packing and box charge.

  • 10+ sheets add $ 5.00 packing and box charge.

  • 25+ sheets contact us for a special quote.

  • 50+ sheets contact us for possible free freight, based on the product.


How long is your pricing good for?

Prices may change without notice due to fluctuations in the veneer market. Contact us with your project requirements, or use our Quote Request Form, we will try to work within your requirements.


How is the veneer cut and matched?

All items are F/C and running book matched, unless noted.  Please see the following PDF documents for an explanation of the different types of veneer cuts and matching.

Veneer Matching

Type of Veneer Cuts


What do I need to know about paper-backed veneers?

The normal stock size is 4’ x 8’ on 10 mil heavy duty brown paper. Material is easily cut or trimmed with a utility knife, and scissors. A straight edge, pencil and ruler of course are helpful. Use a stiff scraper ( like our Curvwood installation tool or fiber knife). The adhesive normally used on projects is solvent based contact glue. It is important to understand that a J-Roller will not install any veneer product we offer, use of a J-Roller will only get your project in trouble fast, and cause you more pain when re-ordering the veneer. Paper backed veneers in full sheet size and contact adhesive can be difficult to work without proper equipment, as bubbling, glue seepage and bleed-through may be expected as possible problems. Test before hand, and if needed change to a different backing.


What other kinds of backings are available?

Paper-back veneer historically represents the basic veneer-backed industry product. Later, as wood-on-wood, resin backed, crossband construction and PSA (peel & stick) backings were created to offer a wide range of applications of fine veneers. The main differences among these products is the veneer thickness, backing, radius turn and adhesive system required, all resulting in normally fewer project problems.


Please refer to the following:

Note: None of these various backed veneers are designed for wall covering use. For wood wall covering product, please refer to our 950 series Curvwood UBG cloth-backed veneer. This product is specifically designed ONLY for application to drywall and plaster walls with water base wood wallcovering adhesive. Contact us for installation guidelines.

What additional veneers are available?

The following are our basic list of available veneer. If you have specific project requirements for species and burls not listed, please inquire at 800-527-9014. We have a large resource for veneer products. View our Veneer Library, to see sample Images of the following veneers.

Dark Veneer

Medium Veneer

Bubinga - Qtd.

Cedar, Spanish

Ebony, Macassar

Kevazinga - Rotary Cut

Koa, Hawaiian

Lacewood - Qtd.

Mahogany - F/C

Mahogany, Ribbon - Qtr.

Makore - Qtr., Block Mottled

Makore - Qtr., Fiddle Back

Orientalwood, Figured - Qtr.

Padauck - Qtr.

Rosewood, African - F/C

Rosewood, South American (Santos) - F/C

Sapele, Pommele

Sapele - Qtr.

Teak - F/C

Teak - Qtr.

Walnut - F/C

Zebrawood - Qtr.

Anegre, Plain - Qtr.

Anegre, Figured - Qtr.

Avodire - Qtr.

Beech, European Steamed - F/C

Birch, Red

Butternut - F/C

Cherry - F/C

Cherry - Qtr.

Oak, Red - F/C

Oak, Red - Rift Cut

Oak, White - F/C

Oak, White - Rift Cut

Pearwood, Swiss - F/C

Pecan - F/C

Prima Vera - F/C


Light Veneer  

Ash, Tamo

Ash, White - F/C

Birch, White - Rotary Cut

Fir, Douglas - Qtr., Vertical Grain

Maple, Birdseye

Maple - F/C

Maple, Curly - F/C

Pine, Knotty Random

Pine, White - F/C



CurvTambour™ Product F.A.Q.’s


How soon will my order ship?

Many products the we sell are stocked for shipment within five days. Specialty products or sizes may require 3 to 4 weeks before shipping. Inquire.


How can I pay for my order?

We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express. We also accept company checks, however your order will not be processed until the bank can successfully process your payment.


How does my order ship?

Most orders with 95/96" SL will ship UPS ground. 119/120" SL and larger orders must ship truck common carrier.


How do job site conditions affect installation of CurvTambour™?

Tambour will expand or contract when exposed to changes in moisture (humidity) conditions.  Therefore, prior to installation, uncrate the panels and allow them to be open to the room conditions for 24 hours. This will allow the panels to stabilize and adjust to the atmospheric conditions. Installation conditions must be the same as typical office conditions.


Can I achieve a controlled appearance with CurvTambour™?

The warmth and attractive appearance of genuine wood (both solids and veneers) is due, in large part, to natural color, grain and texture variations. Because these characteristics are desirable and cannot realistically be "controlled" our firm does not warrant matching of color, grain or texture of tambour panels. In any of the metallic or color laminate-faced tambour, there is an occasional uncontrollable variation of color tone or shade. For all tambours, therefore, it is suggested that before an installation is made, the panels be positioned in the actual area in such a manner as to give a pleasing and balanced color arrangement.


If I order a Tambour style in 2 different lengths ( 95/96" and 119/120") will both match or be made at the same time from same raw material lot?

No. Regardless of the raw material used (solid wood, wood veneer, metal, etc) each length is manufactured from raw material produced for that specific length. Also, refer to the FAQ on controlled appearance.


How do I prepare my wall for CurvTambour™ installation?

Make sure surface to be covered is clean, dry and free of dirt or other foreign matter. Unsealed wall surfaces must be sealed with a good grade of sealer. Check areas to be covered for squareness. If a non-square wall is to be covered, it is best to run a plumb line to establish a true vertical reference point. In areas of high humidity, such as below grade or where moisture is always present, exterior walls should be waterproofed and insulated. Steps should be taken to remove excessive moisture with dehumidifying equipment. In new construction, you should wait until the walls have completely dried or cured before proceeding with the installation. It is the responsibility of the installer, facility manager, property owner, to properly prepare the wall, and maintain approved normal air-flow conditions.


How should I apply adhesive for CurvTambour™?

Spread the recommended adhesive (Marlite #C-375 Construction Mastic, Macco Liquid Nails LN601, 3M Construction Mastic) on the wall to cover an area the width and height of one panel. When the adhesive is applied to the wall for the first panel, promptly place the panel in position aligning to the plumb or other reference line. Apply hand pressure to the panel to ensure that it makes complete contact with the adhesive surface. Check the layer of adhesive thickness and bond by peeling back 3 or 4 end slats away from the wall. You should see a layer of adhesive on the backing and "legs" or "strings" of adhesive stretching between the wall and the cloth backing. If these two conditions are not present, then either the thickness of adhesive is incorrect, or the adhesive surface dried before the panel was applied to the wall. Remember, follow the adhesive manufacturers instructions. Often, pin nails are used to hold sheets in place and on panel edge slats, to ensure seams stay tight.


How do I cut CurvTambour™ wallcovering?

When there is a need to "cross-cut" Tambour slats, use a fine-tooth plywood saw blade to ensure a clean edge. Use some form of hold-down board as the material may try to flex or fold up. As with any on-site installation, appropriate safety equipment should be used and proper precautions taken.


What should I know about installing Solid Wood/Slat CurvTambour™?

Prior to installation, each panel of the solid wood/slat Tambour must be flexed or broken down so that each slat individually moves free. To do this, bend each slat toward the backing side to make sure it is free from its adjacent slat. Then place the panel face side up on the floor or a suitable flat surface (a long table is ideal). Stand perpendicular to the length of the Tambour panel and grasping one edge bend the panel toward its face. Force must be applied to make it yield beyond in a "u" shape. Some popping or cracking sounds might result; this means that each slat is individualizing itself. Some stretching of the backing must occur. In a 12" wide panel, it will in fact grow or widen 1/16" to 1/8". After verifying that the first panel has correct adhesion, drive finishing nails into the two edge/end slats as well as at random throughout the entire panel. This will ensure a more durable bond to the wall. The nail heads should be set below the surface of the Tambour and filled to match the finished panel. For a large installation, it may be more practical to use an electric pin tacker instead of finishing nails. Continue applying the other panels in the same manner. Because of the uniqueness of solid wood and its tendency not to remain stable, some panels may become slightly bowed. Care must be taken to apply pressure to the individual panels and work them into a close fitting position with their mating panels. For the best finished results, it is advisable, at the panel joint, to color or stain the wall to blend in with the Tambour panel being applied.



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