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WIUSA.com Visual Communication Products offer an extensive collection of products designed to convey a multitude of information by various methods. WIUSA.com styles of visual display communication products such as Markerboards, Chalkboards, Bulletin Boards, and Early Childhood Education Tools meet the requirements of Education, Corporate environments, Training Facilities, Home Schools, Religious Gatherings, Early Childhood, and K-12. Also available from WIUSA.com are products for Architects and Facilities Managers, with all the details and drawings required for selection, budgeting and specification in architectural divisions 9 and 10. (How This Site Works and Saves YOU Time for the architectural specifier, facility buyer or contractor requiring product information, product comparison and availability).  Please bookmark our site WIUSA.com.

WIUSA.com Visual Communication Products combines over a quarter century of our company experience with these products, along with manufacturing capabilities of the four majors; Aywon, Best-Rite, Claridge, and PolyVision. Each of these companies offers over 50 years of quality product design.

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Since school educational requirements for better chalk writing surfaces created the need for better and multiuse products, Aywon, Best-Rite, Claridge, and PolyVision have all responded with both a broad base and niche products that are available from WIUSA.com to supply this expanded market today, including Corporate, Home School, Early Childhood, Institutional and Individuals.

Remember, writing or marking surfaces such porcelain on steel or ceramicsteel are magnetic, due to the metal the porcelain is adhered to. Those products will accept magnets. Any other non-steel surfaces shown will not work with magnets. Also, the products we offer are produced or Quick Ship to fill YOUR order. Order accurately. Contact us with any questions at sales@wiusa.com or 800.527.9014

One function of WIUSA.com is to save you time, and that means money. We offer products to meet A.S.A.P.- NOW requirements with the many WIUSA.com Quick Ship choices. Many more visual communication products shown can be manufactured for specific project requirements. Most products are priced each, but are subject to lower price quantity quotations. In short, use WIUSA.com to get the product you need, when you need it, at the price you need. We would appreciate the opportunity to be of service. Contact Us









600 Series Markerboard

Imperial Series Display Case

Surface Mounted Display Case

Natural Add-Cork Bulletin Board


Quick Overview



WIUSA.com Markerboards include over 15 different styles in various sizes and surfaces with many as, Quick Ship. Most marker boards have Aluminum frames or Hardwood, plus options for various Map Rails. WIUSA.com offers marker boards for heavy duty use, medium and light duty for various facility environments and budgets

The WIUSA.com Aywon Big Apple Markerboard and Deluxe Markerboard series along with the Hardwood series all have a Ceramicsteel P3 surface.

The WIUSA.com Best-Rite Porcelain on Steel series, and Dura-Safe boards have porcelain on steel surfaces, while a laminate surface is on the Dura-Rite series.

The WIUSA.com Claridge LCS Deluxe and Economy series, the 1300 series and Profile series all have porcelain enamel on steel surfaces for LCS

The WIUSA.com PolyVision P3 ceramicsteel surface includes the contemporary Markerboards in the 100 series with blade tray, 500 series with box marker tray and 600 Wood series.



Big Apple Series Markerboard

LCS Deluxe Series Markerboard

500 Series Markerboard



WIUSA.com Chalkboards include over 11 different styles in various sizes and surfaces with many as, Quick Ship. Most Chalkboards have Aluminum frames or Hardwood, plus options for various Map Rails of 1” or 2” with Accessories. WIUSA.com offers chalk boards for both heavy duty and medium use for various facility environments.

WIUSA.com Aywon Chalkboards include the Big Apple, Deluxe and Hardwood series all with Ceramicsteel P3 surface.

WIUSA.com Best-Rite Chalkboard series is an all Porcelain on Steel surface.

The WIUSA.com Claridge Chalkboards include 1300 Vitracite, 1600W Vitracite, 1700 Vitracite and AS Steel series.

WIUSA.com PolyVision Chalkboards with P3 ceramicsteel also include the 100, 500 and 600 series.


Writing Walls


When a markerboard is just too small for the job, consider WIUSA.com Writing Walls. Our writing walls include either dry erase or wet erase surfaces. Dry erase panels can be full wall height with panel butt joints. WIUSA.com Greensteel offers the Communi-Wall for really big ideas and conference room brainstorming. Panels are framed with field installed J-trim of satin anodized aluminum.

For an economical alternative consider, WIUSA.com Panel Graphic, a Wet Erase seamless White surface designed for projection and illustration, without ghosting. Recently a customer, a defense contractor, replaced the Illustration and Projection surface in many training rooms with our Panel Graphic PG-300.  The surface removed was Panel Graphic PG-100 that was installed 15 years ago.  They are still a satisfied customer.  For the full Panel Graphic Site click here.


Big Apple Series Chalkboard

Porcelain Steel Chalkboard

600 Series Chalkboard

Communi-Wall Dry Erase Writing Wall

Panel Graphic Illustration Surface


Conference Cabinets

For a great functional conference room add a WIUSA.com Executive Conference Cabinet or a Contemporary Lecture unit. These attractive visual communication cabinets are available with dry marker surfaces, tack surfaces and projection screen options. Cabinet styles include units with standard veneer doors, Tambour doors, or doors with a laminate surface.


Display Cases & Cabinets


Need a secure place to show off important items? The answer is the many choices and features of WIUSA.com Display Cases and Cabinets. We offer several styles including Surface Mounted, Recessed Mounted, and of course, Freestanding display cases and cabinets. WIUSA.com Aywon Display Cabinets are available with either hinged or sliding doors. WIUSA.com Best-Rite offers a large selection such as the Elite Freestanding Trophy Case that are Quick Ship. When a header panel is desired, consider the WIUSA.com Claridge Imperial Display series. A choice of hinged or sliding doors for recessed wall mounting is offered in the WIUSA.com PolyVision Display cases HDC and SDC Series. Also offered are the STC Trophy cases for surface mounting with sliding glass doors.


Tambour Door Cabinet

ECU Series Cabinet

SDC Series Display

309 Series Display


Bulletin Board Cases & Cabinets


When notices, instructions, or opportunities need to be posted and protected, we have over 15 styles of Bulletin Board Cases and Cabinets for selection to meet various requirements. Surface or Recessed mounted Aywon Display cases come with extruded satin aluminum frame finish and are available with hinged or sliding glass doors. Two of our other popular items are the Deluxe Bulletin Board Cabinet with aluminum frame and the budget priced Quick Ship Enclosed Bulletin Board Cabinet. For a small wall cabinet consider the Economy Single Door Bulletin Board Cabinet with Tan Nucork back panel, and the Revere series with satin aluminum finish, both WIUSA.com Quick Ship items. Additional Bulletin Board cases include the HBC Hinged Door with lock, and the SBC  with sliding glass doors, both perfect for poster and information directories.


Directory Board Cabinets


WIUSA.com Directory Board Cabinets include more than a dozen style choices with a variety of features, including aluminum or wood frames, sliding glass doors or hinged doors, locks to protect contents, grooved back panels for information display, and of course the accessory letters. We offer in each price range multiple size choices to meet any requirement for a Deluxe Directory or the Quick Ship WIUSA.com Economy Directory Board Cabinet. Many other choices are available in the Claridge Rival series and Revere series Directory Cabinets. The WIUSA.com HBC series Hinged Door Directory Case features tempered glass doors, satin anodized aluminum frame and inside depth choices.

Enclosed Bulletin Board Cabinet

Economy Series Bulletin Board Cabinet

345 Series Wood Framed Directory Cabinet

Economy Directory Board Cabinet



Bulletin Boards


WIUSA.com has plenty of Bulletin Board choices. Review over a dozen styles and feature variations in our quality manufactured bulletin boards. Select either aluminum or wood frames, panels of natural cork, colored cork, vinyl or fabric, all with many color choices. WIUSA.com has a Bulletin Board System to meet the most demanding visual communication requirements.


110 Series Bulletin Board





Combination Units


Combination units are Markerboards or Chalkboards that include a Tackboard surface in the overall board configuration. Tack surfaces can be at different positions by the writing surface, at the top, sides, and in various widths and heights. Tack surfaces can be natural cork, color cork, vinyl or fabric. All these choices are awaiting your custom board combination design for manufacturing.

The dry marker and chalk surfaces that are used in Combination Units are the same high quality porcelain writing and dry marker surfaces used in WIUSA.com Chalkboards and Markerboards. We offer many combination unit choices. All WIUSA.com Combination Units are professional heavy duty Combination Writing and Tack Boards, designed for demanding school, religious, corporate and healthcare environments.


Aywon Combination Unit

PolyVision Combination Unit

Combo-Rite Combination Unit



Teacher Aids / K-5 Learning Tools


Teacher Aids include a full range of educational products for Early Childhood or K-5 Learning Tools. WIUSA.com K-5 products include 2” Horizontal Line Boards and Penmanship Boards. Teacher aids also include Music Line and Map Boards, all porcelain on steel.


Map Board




All the Markerboard and Chalkboard accessories suggested by Aywon, Best-Rite, Claridge, and PolyVision are available from WIUSA.com. Writing accessories include Dry Marker Color Pens, Chalk and Erasers.

WIUSA.com Map Rails are available in both 1” and 2” heights, and in the most popular lengths. Map Rail accessories recommended for your purchased Markerboard with map rail or Chalkboard with map rail include; Flag Holder, Map Hanger and Map Hooks to name a few.

Map Rails are also sold separately in various lengths, so turn an unproductive wall into a productive wall. Please contact us to help you meet your special requirements.

WIUSA.com Board Accessories also include a full line of Roman Style Directory Letters. Order a Letter Set with your WIUSA.com Directory or order addition letters as needed, of course available as Quick Ship.

1" & 2" Map Rails

Dry Erase Markers






At the bottom of each product page a manufacturer warranty will be shown, if applicable. For more detailed information on product warranty offered on your product from Aywon, Best-Rite, Claridge, and PolyVision please click on each warranty for a general review. Any questions please contact us.





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Please contact us to discuss how our Visual Communication Products can meet your special project requirements, and find out more about using these products. Whether you are a corporate, educational, reseller or individual customer WIUSA.com has a low price to meet your requirements. Just give us a call, or email about our specific product, quantity and your special needs, we would appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

As a National Supplier, for over 25 years, our company has supplied various types of Visual Communication products to new and repeat customers. We work to consistently offer the best quality, price savings and service to our customers. Our products are specified by architects and interior designers for both commercial or residential use. Our extensive selection of Visual Communication Products including aluminum or hardwood framed Marker and Chalk Boards in budget or deluxe styles are purchased direct by customers from all industries. Contractors, home schools and individuals purchase Teacher Aids / K-5 Learning Tools as time savers. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and receive any comments about our products or service.


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Aywon Big Apple Dry Markerboard p3 ceramicsteel surface with Z-clip mounting

Aywon Deluxe Dry Markerboard p3 ceramicsteel surface with aluminum frame

Aywon Hardwood frame Markerboard p3 ceramicsteel surface

Best-Rite Porcelain Steel Whiteboards    •     Best-Rite Dura-Rite Markerboard    •     Best-Rite Dura-Safe Trim Whiteboard

Best-Rite Deluxe Reversible Markerboard    •     Claridge Glass Markerboard    •     Claridge Deluxe LCS Markerboard with Map Rail

Claridge LCS Deluxe Wood Trim Markerboard    •     Claridge 1300 series LCS Markerboard    •     Claridge Profile series Markerboard

Polyvision 110 Series Markerboard p3 ceramicsteel surface with aluminum frame

Polyvision 500 Series Markerboard p3 ceramicsteel surface with map rail

Polyvision 600 Series Markerboard p3 ceramicsteel surface with Red Oak frame

Aywon Chalkboards Big Apple series    •     Aywon Chalkboards Deluxe series    •     Aywon Chalkboards Hardwood series

Best-Rite Porcelain Steel Chalkboards    •     Claridge 1300 Vitracite Chalkboard with Aluminum Trim and Map Rail

Claridge 1600W Vitracite Chalkboard with Wood Trim   •      Claridge 1700 Vitracite Chalkboard with Aluminum Trim

Claridge AS Steel Chalkboard with Aluminum Trim   •     Claridge Dry Erase Marker Wall panels custom made to fit wall

Panel Graphic PG300 White Projection and Wet Erase Illustration Surface

Polyvision FHM Cummuni-Wall Dry Erase Writing Wall with p3 ceramicsteel surface

Best-Rite Enclosed Conference Room Cabinet 94HWC Quick Ship    •     Best-Rite Tambour Door Enclosed Cabinet 843 Quick Ship

Claridge Contemporary Style Wood Cabinet Lecture Unit with markerboard and doors

Polyvision Standard Executive Conference Unit with markerboard and doors

Aywon Surface Mounted Display Cabinets with sliding glass doors    •     Aywon Recessed Display Cabinets with sliding glass doors

Best-Rite Elite Freestanding Display Cases with light 93C84, 93C85, 93C86

Best-Rite Elite Freestanding Display Cases 93R84, 93R85, 93R86 Quick Ship

Best-Rite Counter Height Display Cases 98B83 or 98C83 Quick Ship

Best-Rite Wall Mount Display Cases 90W83 90W85, 90W95, 90W86 Quick Ship

Claridge 309 series Sliding Door Wood Framed Display Case

Claridge 390 series Sliding Door Aluminum Framed Display Case Recessed Mounted

Claridge Imperial series Sliding Door Aluminum Framed Wall mounted Display Case

Polyvision Display Trophy Cases Recessed mounted HDC Hinged door and SDC Sliding glass door Display Cases

Polyvision Wall mounted STC and STB Sliding glass door Display Trophy Cases

Aywon Recessed Mount Bulletin Board Cases    •      Aywon Surface-Wall Mount Bulletin Board Cases

Best-Rite Deluxe Bulletin Board Cabinet with Hinged doors  •  Best-Rite Standard Bulletin Board Cabinets with Hinged doors or Sliding doors

Best-Rite Enclosed Bulletin Board Oak Cabinet with Hinged doors 94HWC Quick Ship

Claridge 310 series Wood Framed Bulletin Board Cabinets    •      Claridge Rival Series Single Door Bulletin Board Cabinets

Claridge Economy Single Door Bulletin Board Cabinets    •      Claridge Deluxe series Bulletin Board Cabinets

Claridge Revere series Bulletin Board Cabinets    •      Polyvision HBC series Wall mounted Hinged Door Bulletin Case

Polyvision SBC series Wall mounted Sliding Door Bulletin Case    •      Polyvision WBB series Wood frame bulletin board cabinet

Best-Rite Deluxe Directory Board Cabinet aluminum frame    •      Best-Rite Economy Directory Board Cabinet Wood frame

Claridge 345 series Wood Framed Directory Board Cabinets    •      Claridge Rival Single Door Directory Cabinets

Claridge Economy Single Door Directory Cabinets    •      Claridge 435 series Hinged Door Directory Cabinet aluminum frame

Claridge Revere series 541 and 544 Directory Cabinets aluminum frame

Polyvision HBC series Hinged Door Directory Case aluminum framed

Polyvision WBB series Wood Directory Board Red Oak Cabinet with Hinged doors

Aywon Big Apple series Natural Cork Bulletin Board    •     Aywon Hardwood series Natural Cork Bulletin Board

Aywon Hardwood series Color Cork Bulletin Board    •     Aywon Contempo Fabric Wrapped Bulletin Board

Best-Rite Natural Add-Cork Bulletin Boards series AC-826    •     Best-Rite Valu-Tak Bulletin Boards series VT-370

Claridge 200 series Bulletin Boards with natural Cork aluminum frame

Claridge 900 series Bulletin Boards with Tan Cork aluminum frame or Hardwood frame

Polyvision 110 series Bulletin Boards with vinyl on cork    •     Polyvision 555 series Tack Boards with aluminum frame and Map Rail options

Polyvision 600 series Tack Boards with Red Oak frame

Aywon Combination Boards with writing surface and tack board   •   Best-Rite Combo-Rite Boards with Markerboard and Tackboard surfaces

Best-Rite Combination Chalk – Marker – Bulletin Boards

Claridge Combination Units White LCS – Tan Cork Aluminum frame or Oak frame

Claridge series 800 Combination Markerboards, Chalkboards, Bulletin Boards

Claridge Universal series Combination Directory and Bulletin Board Cabinets

Polyvision Combination Board Tack and Chalk or Dry Marker surface

Teacher Aids Dura-Safe Trim Markerboards    •     Music Line Boards

 Penmanship Boards    •      Rectangular Coordinate Boards    •     Map Boards    •      2” Horizontal Line Boards

Aywon Map Rail 1” and 2” with cork    •     Aywon Accessories markers and erasers

Best-Rite Map Rails 1” and 2” and Accessories     •    Best-Rite Writing Accessories

Claridge Map Rails 1” and 2” – Flag Holder – Map Hooks

Claridge Writing Accessories    •     Magnetic Marker – Chalk Trays    •     Claridge Directory Board Letters Roman Style

Polyvision Map Rails 1” and 2” style with Cork Insert 

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