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PANEL GRAPHIC information display surface can transform any standard sheetrock wall into an economical visual communication center.

PANEL GRAPHIC is used in industrial training schools, software teaching facilities, church educational buildings, sales and service organizations, laboratories, meeting rooms and conference centers.  PANEL GRAPHIC can be used anywhere a surface is desired upon which you can write or draw in color and incorporate multimedia projectors, or just use for slides, overhead transparencies and films.  A PANEL GRAPHIC working wall, projection screen surface and marking / illustration surface, helps expand creativity and ingenuity.

PANEL GRAPHIC is being used around the world to help people perform job tasks more effectively.  PANEL GRAPHIC is used as an illustration surface and projection screen in diverse industries, such as production training meetings on a new jet fighter, to keeping track of important legislative bills, to maintenance training classes in the upper end automotive industry, to medical training facilities.

PANEL GRAPHIC has no language barrier.

Take the PANEL GRAPHIC Test:

Are you tired of these problems?

  • Seeing ghost markings on your markerboard? 

  • Smelling the flammable cleaner?

  • Trying to fit your media-presentation on too small a projection screen?

  • Tired of the glare from shinny marker surfaces and audience comments?

  • Having to budget / spend dollars for both a marker board & projection screen?

If you answered “yes “ to any of these questions then PANEL GRAPHIC may be for you!

PANEL GRAPHIC as a 3 in 1 visual information display surface is cost effective and can offer savings of about 85% over conventional visual aid methods.  This product installs similar to a commercial wall covering allowing the end user flexibility as a horizontal marker board section of a wall, or vertical for floor to ceiling application for a working wall, as projection screen and wet erase illustration surface.

PANEL GRAPHIC offers Starter Kits containing a supply of approved water soluble markers (Black, Blue, Red, Green), wiping towels and Panel Graphic environmentally friendly H2O Spray Cleaner empty bottles for on site filling and repeated use. Please see USE & CAREhe markings from PG felt tip water soluble pens are usually removed with your own H2O Spray Cleaner. However, using a spray cleaner product such as 407, provides a complete factory approved and recommended system. PG H2O Cleaner should instantly dissolve the pigment from water soluble PG Pens, which can then be removed by lifting off the surface with a dry cleaning towel. While PANEL GRAPHIC is not dry erase, PANEL GRAPHIC provides an economical dual system for projection and illustration....a visual communication system that works for years !

We’d like the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about our unique product, PANEL GRAPHIC.  Our company has been helping diverse companies solve visual aid and information display problems for over 30 years.  Please contact us for further information or to discuss your project requirements or to simply place your order.

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