For the convenience of our customers, we offer a full range of PANEL GRAPHIC accessories including PG-400 Starter Kit, PG-500 Marker Pens, PG-700 H2O Cleaner trigger spray empty bottle, PG-800 Cleaning Towels. For a complete listing please contact us.

To help make your conference room presentations or training room even more flexible and user friendly, we also offer the following PANEL GRAPHIC companion information display products.

Print Media Holder

An economical and easy method to display printed material on a wall without the use of damaging pins, tacks or tape so your walls remain attractive. Our Print Media Holder is an attractive profile that blends with any decor. Hang schedules, notices, posters or banners by simply inserting the material, the unique roller system will instantly adjust and hold 1 to 20 pages, then simply lift to remove and the rollers will release. PANEL GRAPHIC Print Media Holders are satin anodized aluminum strips on hidden anchor brackets (both included). Our PG Print Media Holder can help make your walls even more productive in the most requested lengths of 24", 36", 48" or to your requirements.

PGPM-24 $165.85 Set of 6
PGPM-48 $280.00 Set of 6
PGPM-C economical special lengths for your special requirements!

Nagol 4 Tack Wall Display Surface

Approximately 1/4" thick tight vertical rib needle punch fabric for use with either push pins or any hook/fabric hang system (just attach the sticky side of hook to your display and pop it on our Nagol 4 Display Surface). Often one wall or one end of a PANEL GRAPHIC wall will be in Nagol 4 for both presentation flexibility and for longer term information displays. Nagol 4 for this application is most popular in a neutral color, so the audience eyes are pleasingly focused on the items displayed. Nagol 4 is a very durable fabric and it can be installed using the same adhesive and by the same person that will install your PANEL GRAPHIC. Nagol 4 is 54" wide untrimmed and $8.00 per running foot or about $ .70 per sqft. The minimum order is 9 running feet, and the material will ship rolled up UPS. Nagol 4 Tack Wall Display Surface standard colors are:

PGN4-1907 Light Beige/Cream
PGN4-1909 Light Taupe
PGN4-1922 Light Grey-Blue


All prices are plus shipping charges.