Cost Effective
PANEL GRAPHIC® is economical and can save you up to 85% over conventional methods. PANEL GRAPHIC is priced per yard at $35.00, that is about $2.92 per square foot or $11.67 per running foot of 46" - 48" wide material. All prices are plus UPS freight from our Dallas facility.

Example, a wall 15 feet in length with a 9 ft. ceiling height would cost about $455.00 for PANEL GRAPHIC material. Please compare the total expenditure for that wall in paint or wall covering and then buying a marker board and then purchasing a projection screen. It requires three separate products and more labor expense just to try and make that wall function as efficiently as a PANEL GRAPHIC wall.

PANEL GRAPHIC is an illustration surface,
projection screen and wall covering...all in one

(All prices are within the USA and plus shipping/packaging charges, with a minimum order of 3 yards.)