Estimating Your Requirements
First, determine how PANEL GRAPHIC® will work best for your use.

  1. Will you use the wall more for projection or illustration, or both?
  2. How productive do you want the wall?
  3. Do you want to economically maximize your facility investment with a multi-use surface?

Vertical installation, floor to ceiling covering the entire wall(s) or floor to ceiling covering a portion of the wall. Measure the length (L) of the wall to cover and the height (H) (floor to ceiling), round measurements to full feet. Multiply the L by H, the result is square footage of the area required. For estimating purpose convert square feet to linear yards by dividing by 11.5, the result is an estimate of the yards required for this type of installation.

Horizontal installation, or railroading the 46" - 48" width, covering only a portion across the wall. Measure the running feet desired to cover and divide the number by 3. The result in the number of linear yards required. Note: for projection use, floor to ceiling is the most practical installation.

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