Installation is normally by a professional painting and wall covering contractor. Detail installation instructions are included with each order. Installation of PANEL GRAPHIC® is similar to installing commercial vinyl wall covering with a few exceptions. The installation of this product is fairly easy and inexpensive by a professional. Normally a member contractor of the PDCA (Painting & Decorating Contractors of America) will be in your area, or your facility management may have a painting contractor that performs works in the building. Installation instructions sheet will be sent on request to you or installing contractor.

PANEL GRAPHIC is a projection/illustration surface. Before it is applied the installing contractor shall be sure that all surfaces are clean, dry, smooth and structurally sound drywall/gypboard. Follow carefully detailed PANEL GRAPHIC installation instructions included in each roll. Application instructions shall be similar as when applying fabric/vinyl wall covering except paste machine and metal edge tools shall not be used, as the projection/illustration surface will be damaged. Rubber or leather blades may be used instead. Installing contractor shall follow manufacturer installation instructions as to wall primer procedure for projection surface. PANEL GRAPHIC shall be over-lapped 2-3 inches and double cut at the seams. Recommended adhesives are Shur-Stik 111, Dynamite 111, Roman Pro 732. All excess adhesive shall be removed from the surface of PANEL GRAPHIC and any adjacent areas per instructions. After installation leave area clean.

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