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Specification Guide

Visual information display surface to be PANEL GRAPHIC 300 White, manufactured by WI Contract, Visual Display Products Div. The PANEL GRAPHIC® illustration surface shall be of composition that readily lends to the application of colored PG felt tip water soluble markers. Markings shall adhere with clarity, but remove easily and completely with PANEL GRAPHIC cleaning/erasure procedures. The surface shall be resistant to staining under normal conditions. Color retention of the Project-Tech image enhancement surface shall be such as to present excellent projection screening and offer the most flexibility for changing projection requirements from overhead projector to slide presentation to video format.

The installing contractor shall provide the end-user with one (or more) PG 400 Starter Kit containing recommended markers, cleaning cloths and spray cleaner. Specifier shall advise end-user of PANEL GRAPHIC instructions for Use and Care.

Manufacturer: WI Contract, Visual Display Products Div., Wallcovering Industries,Inc.
Tel. USA 800.527.9014
Web Site:
Contact manufacturer direct for stock and cost, PG 300 White, width 46" - 48," Price per Lin. Yard
Installation instructions available from manufacturer, inquire if any questions.

PANEL GRAPHIC is a projection/illustration surface. Before it is applied the installing contractor shall be sure that all surfaces are clean, dry, smooth and structurally sound drywall/gypboard. Follow carefully detailed PANEL GRAPHIC installation instructions included in each roll. Application instructions shall be similar as when applying fabric/vinyl wall covering except paste machine and metal edge tools shall not be used, as the projection/illustration surface will be damaged. Rubber or leather blades may be used instead. Installing contractor shall follow manufacturer installation instructions as to wall primer procedure for projection surface. PANEL GRAPHIC shall be over-lapped 2-3 inches and double cut at the seams. Recommended adhesives are Shur-Stik 111, Dynamite 111, Roman Pro 732. All excess adhesive shall be removed from the surface of PANEL GRAPHIC and any adjacent areas per instructions. After installation leave area clean.