Use and Care
PANEL GRAPHIC® is easy to use and clean. For the convenience of our customers we offer a complete environment friendly system to maintain your 3 in 1 PANEL GRAPHIC® surface. We recommend the purchase of a PG 400 Starter Kit when PANEL GRAPHIC® is specified or installed. The kit contains a supply of approved water soluble markers (black, blue, green, red), wiping towels and PANEL GRAPHIC® H2O Spray Cleaner bottles.

The markings from PG felt tip water soluble pens can often be removed with just water, however, using a trigger spray bottle of PANEL GRAPHIC® H2O Cleaner and keeping on-hand a sopa solution product like 409, provides a complete factory approved and recommended system. PG H2O Cleaneris designed to instantly dissolve and lift the pigment from PG Pens, which can then be removed with a dry cleaning towel. While PANEL GRAPHIC® is not dry erase, PANEL GRAPHIC® provides an economical dual system for projection and illustration– a visual aid surface that works.


Oops! Someone used a permanent marker instead of a PANEL GRAPHIC black and white checker pen! Don't worry, just call us and we can suggest a simple method that will often remove even those markings.


(PANEL GRAPHIC and PG Accessories are business to business products, and designed to be used by responsible adults. Caution: While as a company we have taken prudent steps to provide safe water soluble products, it is the responsibility of the End-User to see that the pens and cleaner are used in the manner intended, and are kept away from children.)