Wall Protection
PANEL GRAPHIC® is easy to clean and maintain. PANEL GRAPHIC may be installed floor to ceiling as a wall covering, or horizontal and framed in as a traditional chalk board, or above a chair rail. We recommend full wall protection with a floor to ceiling installation for the best productive use of your wall space. In addition, this method allows any part of the wall for multimedia projection and illustration and there by accenting the entire wall as a presentation surface.

PANEL GRAPHIC as a wall covering does not require repeated painting or touch up, it provides a professional and commercial wall finish. PANEL GRAPHIC offers wall projection functions as a clean room surface eliminating odor forming bacteria which find homes on other fabric vinyl wall coverings. In short, PANEL GRAPHIC helps maintain a clean, odor free and healthy environment.

A PANEL GRAPHIC wall surface is easy to maintain simply with water and a dry cleaning cloth. However, for the convenience of customers that desire it, we offer a complete environment friendly system to maintain your PANEL GRAPHIC surface for best performance. Visit our Accessories page for details.