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Architectural Flexible Glass Mirror



CurvMirror is available exclusively from Wallcovering Industries, Inc.  This unique architectural flexible glass mirror is designed for wrapping columns and curved or flat surfaces.  Curvmirror allows the architect or designer complete Design Freedom to offer rooms or areas the benefits of reflective light illumination, unrealized with other wallcoverings.  CurvMirror is available in Clear, Smoked Cloud variable style, Pewter and Bronze style, and Solid Colored style. CurvMirror offers real glass mirror image reflections for choices of sharp or subtle or deep color and light contrast.


CurvMirror offers the End-User virtually an unlimited scope in the creation of one of a kind decorative effects.


This unique mirror product allows the interior designer to make small areas appear larger, and larger areas elegant. CurvMirror flexibility makes it adaptable to most any wall surface and configuration allowing use in public spaces, retail design, ballrooms, restaurants, private clubs, casinos, airports, grand custom homes, cabinetry applications and elevator cab interiors, to name a few.


This flexible real glass mirror is bonded to a polycotton cloth backer. Additionally, as glass mirror, this product is inherently a non-flammable material. Each mirror sheet is scored and seamed to provide flexibility, then all edges are tooled to a smooth finish. The fabric backing makes installation easy, using a razor knife and / or glass cutter if tight fits are required. If CurvMirror is damaged, often a small individual section (square or strip cut style) can be easily replaced.



Product Data - CurvMirror

Glass bonded to fabric backing, then scored and seamed to provide flexibility.

Colors: 9

Reflective Styles: Traditional Clear, Antique Deco, Watercolor Texture, Solid.

Pattern Cuts: 12
  Square cut: 1” , 2”, 3” (and special 1/2" X 1/2" CM101 style)

  Rectangle cut: 1” x 2”, 2" X 3", 1/2" X 1", 1/2" X 2"

  Strip cut: 1” x L, 2” x L, 3" X L

Tolerance: +/- 1/ 8”

Thickness: varies by style selection, range 1/8” to 3/32”

Sheet Size: varies by by style and cut, please refer to selection choices below.


CurvMirror Architectural Flexible Glass

Color Code

Reflective Style

Nominal Length

Nominal Width

Nominal Thickness






















Solid Gold





Solid Green





Solid Red





Solid Blue





Solid Black







CurvMirror Solid Black #CM1009

CurvMirror Solid Blue #CM132

CurvMirror Solid Gold #CM110.2S

CurvMirror Solid Green #CM121

CurvMirror Solid Clear #CM101

CurvMirror Solid Red #CM151

CurvMirror Solid Storm Antique#CM130


Note: Occasional bubbles in mirror glass are natural, acceptable, and uniquely enhancing. These occasional bubbles are not defectives, but only part of the natural glass process for this product.



CurvMirror is for higher end budgets.
For estimating purpose use the following approximate price per square foot per style per material.
Note: All prices are subject to change without notice. Minimums quantities may apply some cuts.
Minimum order $300.00 + S&H. All prices + S&H. FOB - Louisville, KY
Adhesive: $16.65 /Quart 25 sqft, or $58.35 /Gal. 100 sqft coverage.
Normal lead time to produce is about 2 weeks + transit time.
Packaging charge per order add, $35.00.
All mirror sheet sizes are nominal.

Traditional style: $46.50 per Sheet = 3.84 = Approx. $12.11 per sq ft.
Antique Deco style:  
   CM130 Antique $51.25 per Sheet = 3.84SF = Approx. $13.35 per sq ft.
   CM109G Pewter $41.95 per Sheet = 2.00SF = Approx. $20.98 per sq ft.
   CM109B Bronze $41.95 per Sheet = 2.00SF = Approx. $20.98 per sq ft.
Solid Color Style:  
   CM110.2 Solid Gold $120.50 per Sheet = 3.84SF = Approx. $31.38 per sq ft.
   CM121 Solid Green $120.50 per Sheet = 3.84SF = Approx. $31.38 per sq ft.
   CM132 Solid Blue $120.50 per Sheet = 3.84SF = Approx. $31.38 per sq ft.
   CM151 Solid Red $151.25 per Sheet = 3.84SF = Approx. $39.39 per sq ft.
   CM1009 Solid Black $138.75 per Sheet = 3.84SF = Approx. $36.13 per sq ft.

Special project quotes available:

Call us 800.527.9014 or                                                        email: sales@wiusa.com

Samples: Please understand due to cost and weight of this product we reserve the right to limit or charge for samples. Sample box available for $50.00 +UPS Ground, ( sample box not a returnable item ). Shows each color, usually all samples 1" square cut. Samples are usually 2" X 4". To see the cut style you desire, just look at the 3 Pattern Cut drawing below. We do not send out samples per cut per color.

Sample Boxes are from previous production and subject to availability.

CurvMirror Pattern Choices per sheet size.

Cut Styles Sheet Size Mfg. Tolerance + / - 1/8”

Traditional style sheet size, nominal 23 1/2” x 23 1/2” Clothbacked.

Antique Deco style:
   CM130 Antique Sheet size, nominal 23 1/2" X 23 1/2", clothbacked.
   CM109G Pewter Sheet size, nominal 24" X 12", clothbacked.
   CM109B Bronze Sheet size, nominal 24" X 12", clothbacked.

Solid Colors sheet size, nominal 23 1/2" X 23 1/2" Clothbacked.

NOTE: Actual sheet size can vary from time to time due to raw material variance, however, orders will ship for the square footage ordered, while number of sheets may vary.

Please help support IIDA – International Interior Design Association

email: sales@wiusa.com                                                                    Call us @ 800.527.9014

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