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54” Vinyl Wallcovering

WE are Wallcovering Industries, Inc., and have offered commercial wall covering products for over 35 Years. In case we have not met, that is an error on our part, please allow us an introduction. This is a business-to-business resource site to the Trade, Contractors and Facility Managers. Our commercial vinyl brand Curvwall® Select 54” Vinyl offers a blend of contemporary and traditional designs in prints and textures. Most of our product is Type II vinyl and only offered on an open sheets basis, for specifications or purchase from Texas. In other words, we do not try to take up your limited library shelf space, but our best customers use us for loose samples in their special “go to project sample boxes”.

Note: We do not offer 27” residential product. We do not sell to the public. We do not sell commercial product for residential use.

If Your Budget is busting with vinyl prices at $14 - $18 per yard, then We can Help !

How are we different from the herd of vinyl peddlers?

Service is our most important product, quality Vinyl & Price range of $9.50 - $11.50 per linear yard make us an economical resource site to review for your projects. Most of our Vinyl is Quick Ship product, stock subject to hourly order changes. We do not attempt to offer all ranges of vinyl textures, designs or colors. As a statistical rule only 20% of the patterns and colors in vinyl sample book collections account for 80% of typical vinyl sales or specifications. WE attempt to offer the usable, practical textures and prints within that 20% that meet both quality, value and tight budgets in our web cyber collection Curvwall® Select Sample Box for Class A, 54” commercial vinyl wall covering.

WIUSA.com offers Quick Ship 54” Vinyl wall covering in 30 yd rolls, Only.

Just click, to view our Library Sample Box on a Select group.

Vinyl Wallcovering Calculator – the way the installer figures it. (Coming Soon)

Each Curvwall® Select group of vinyl wall coverings shows representative images of patterns. Due to color variations per pattern, different user monitors, plus the difficulty of multicolor vinyl scan & photo images, some colorways are not shown, but need to be seen as samples. Just let us know your color group. Please email your sample request and color requirements, yardage and estimated project order date. Sorry, we do not send samples without some project input from you – estimated yardage, project time frame, and if pattern accepted who would order material, ( Designer, Contractor or End-User ).

FYI – when we check stock for your request, the info is only good for that moment in time. We do not hold stock, all Curvwall® Vinyl wall covering is subject to prior sale, or FCFS. We try to offer all 54" Vinyl as Quick Ship items. However, that always depends on your quantity required and stock at that moment in time. Our Vinyl wall covering products ship FOB from either the East or Midwest US.

email us: sales@wiusa.com                                                                   Call us: 800.527.9014

Vinyl Library

Curvwall® Select Sample Boxes: Most of our Vinyl will be 20 oz.

Type II 20 oz. Vinyl Price range $9.50 to $11.50 lin yd. + Freight.

Architectural division 9

Vinyl Wallcovering Collections meet the following requirements:

Technical Data:
All items meet or exceed Type I or Type II requirements as defined by the ASTM E-84 test standards. All Type II items also meet the acceptance criteria and pass the NFPA 286 Fire Test protocol. All items manufactured for Wallcovering Industries, Inc.
Specification Data:
Material Width: *Approx. 54”
Total Weight: *Varies by collection and pattern weight, 19-20 oz.
Fabric Back: *Varies by collection and pattern weight, 19-20 oz. Osnaburg blend.

Order Data:
All vinyl collections are Packaged & Sold in 30 yd. bolts ONLY.

Source: Wallcovering Industries, Inc. 800.527.9014, WIUSA.com sales@wiusa.com

Installation Data:
New drywall: Surfaces must be clean, dry and primed per adhesive mfg. recommendations. Follow mill instructions in each roll.
Painted walls: Patch, sand and prime all surfaces.


Important Specification Requirements:
Vapor Barrier:
Vinyl products create a natural vapor barrier. Vinyl products are not appropriate in all areas. It is the responsibility of the specifier, purchaser and end- user to determine if the facility can maintain suitable climate conditions for these products.
Purchaser and /or installer should read and follow all instructions relative to installation and maintenance of vinyl wallcovering products. Specific attention should be paid to areas relative to mold and mildew prevention.

The manufacturer / distributor will not be responsible for damage from mold or mildew where wallcovering has been installed improperly, where moisture has been allowed to penetrate the walls from behind due to poor building techniques or where inadequate HVAC systems allow unusual indoor humidity.

The manufacture / distributor does not warrant that their vinyl products are appropriate for all possible end uses. Only the specifier and /or purchaser with knowledge as to the products end use and the jurisdiction of that use can make such a determination.

Perforation of vinyl wallcoverings is available and may reduce vapor barrier like characteristics of vinyl. Consult with Architect or Design professional to determine whether unperforated or perforated vinyl wallcovering is appropriate for your application.

Lighting Conditions:
All products purchased from us, are conditioned that product be installed under the same lighting conditions that will prevail during the period of intended use.

Shading gradations may appear in vinyl reproductions of natural materials. This is to be expected. Carefully inspect the first three drops installed. We will not be responsible for any labor charges beyond this point. Reverse alternate strips on random match texture patterns.

Please help support IIDA – International Interior Design Association. Your funding helps make many worthy community projects around the USA a reality.

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