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Acoustical Panels – Custom manufactured & fabric wrapped.

Mfg. lead time- about 4-6 weeks.

Specialty Interior Finish Products - Acoustical Panels

Depending on choice of Acoustical panel, choice of Tackable panel, choice of Covering.
• Panels with High NRC Values per Acoustical Testing – ASTM C423-89, ASTM E 795-83, Type A #4.
• Your specified Designer Fabric covering over a Fiberglass core.
• Aluminum Internal Frame or Resin Hardened Edges.
• Mounting with Z-Clips & L- Clips, or Adhesive or Hook & Loop.
• Maximum size 4 ft. x 10 ft. Or multi Custom sizes to your project..
• Factory wrapped panels with Edge & Corner choices.
• Edge Detail choices – Square, Radius, Bevel, or Inquire.
• Range of Choices in Panel Styles & Thickness.
• Fiberglass molded core thickness of nominal – 2” – 1” – 3/4” – 1/2”
• Optional Impact Resistant extra internal face, nominal 1/8” high density thickness.
• Tack panels with Core of either Molded Fiberglass or Mineral Fiberboard.
• Ceiling Baffle panels with internal Aluminum frame and Fiberglass core, your specified Fabric Covering with Square Edges & Square Corners.
• Acoustical Panel Covering – Your Choice from various Fabric suppliers including our standard Guildford of Maine FR701-2100 series, Ozite Rib, and many Others. Inquire.
• Acoustical Panels, Tack Panels and Ceiling Baffles all – mastercrafted for your order.
Comparison of Accoustical Choices. NRC values shown are based on options selected.  Questions Inquire.

In offices, conference rooms, schools, museums, theaters, music halls, airports, and in any interior environment where excessive noise levels are disruptive, the acoustical answer is Our master crafted acoustical panels for walls and ceiling baffles are the preferred method of sound dampening. offers acoustical panels that combine excellent acoustical performance with unsurpassed design and flexibility and a nearly limitless opportunity to create custom looks as varied as your

Design Freedom … in Form & Function

The inherent noise reduction qualities of these master crafted acoustical panels become even better when wrapped with fabrics like polyolefin such as our panel covering standard, Guilford of Maine FR701 2100 series with many colors, and the other many panel fabrics available. These coverings allow nearly unlimited design options, colors and textures in addition to the convenience of having acoustical panels and, if required, wall coverings available to coordinate as wall finishes from the same fabric manufacturer. offers a system that is an impressive marriage of Form & Function, pleasing aesthetics, noise reduction for a less stressful and more productive environment, an economical way to improve a wall which needs cosmetic repair, and / or an easy method for creative and highly useful Tackable wall surfaces.

When Public Traffic requires greater Impact Resistance, added structural stability is achieved with our Aluminum Internal Frame panels, allowing your choice of Fabric wrapped around the front and sides of the acoustical panels giving square edges and corners. Option for additional face sheet of 1/8” high density Glastrate help with Impact Resistance. offers the versatile, cost-effective, reliable, acoustical paneling system. Sound absorption never looked better with your Fabric choices, our master crafted panels, your other interior finishes, all together offering unique – Design Freedom.


Does the Facility or Project require Acoustical Panels ?

Is there a echo in the room, area, hallways, ceiling ?

Are there several persons speaking over phones and complaining about noise level ?

If the facility or project has all or several of the following:
• Area has many glass windows.
• No drapes or little or no cloth furniture.
• Economical Ceiling Tile.
• Economical carpet or tile floor or wood floor or laminate floor.
• Many metal files or other metals items or glass divider walls.

If the answer is:
YES to all the above, most or few – then noise REVERBERATION is taking place. That means sound or noise waves are bouncing off rather then be absorbed. Consideration should be given to Acoustical panels to lower the noise level. Many or just a few placed can help. However that really depends on the budget, noise level, and if acoustical panels will really help. Economical finishes, floor, ceiling, walls, windows cannot be turned into a quite room or area with just acoustical panels. So plan ahead!

Please allow us to make your next sound decisions easier!

Acoustical Panel Types

Specify the following acoustical products with confidence, because our acoustical system is designed with the density of fiberglass that assures superior noise reduction capabilities.

Fiberglass panels meet test results using normal sound frequencies found in everyday environments to establish an accurate noise reduction coefficient. For example, see our Trimline style 10 lb. Density panel with a .80 NRC in the chart.

Note – a higher Density panel is a more stable panel, and able to keep its shape better and resist dents and creases.

Acoustical Panels – Quick overview – Fiberglass core.

PS80 Acoustical Panel. – The most popular and economical fiberglass panel. Resin-hardened perimeter Edges. 1” and 2”, nominal NRC .80 – 1.0 per thickness.
PS90+GL Acoustical Panel. – The EXTRA heavy duty fiberglass panel, with added molded 1/8” thick high density fiberglass face over core, 1-1/8” and 2-1/8”, nominal NRC .90 – 1.0 per thickness.

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accoustical panel

Acoustical Panel with Internal Aluminum Frame and Fiberglass core

PS80AL Acoustical Panel. – The heavy duty fiberglass panel. Aluminum internal Frame with core, 1-5/16” and 2-5/16”, nominal NRC .80 – 1.0 per thickness.
PS90ALD Acoustical Panel. – The EXTRA heavy duty fiberglass panel. Aluminum internal Frame with added molded 1/8” thick high density fiberglass face over core, 1-7/16” and 2-7/16”, nominal NRC .90 – 1.0 per thickness.

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accoustical panel

PS90ALD Acoustical Panel. 1-7/16″ Fiberglass Core. ( cut away section )
See Sample Library for Additional Panel Styles

Ultra Slim Acoustical Panels & Tackable Panels

Trimline Acoustical Panel,
• molded high density 1/2” core, NRC .55— .80 depending on type of covering.
Tackline Panel, mineral fiberboard core of 1/2”, 3/8”, 3/4”, NRC .15

Click here for details about ultra slim acoustical panels.

tackboard acoustical panel

Ceiling Hung Baffles

PD-80AL Baffle – Internal Aluminum Frame, fiberglass core 1” or 2”, panel ,total thickness 1*5/16” or 2-5/16” , square edge profile only, NRC nominal .80 – 1.00 depending on core thickness and covering.

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ceiling hung baffle acoustical system

Example Ceiling Hung Baffles – hang where needed.
Baffles can be hung Vertical or Horizontal – for Design Freedom
Baffle coverings can be solid color fabric or different color baffles, Inquire.

Wall-Toons / Custom Shapes

Wall-Toons are custom in Trimline or Mineral Fiberboard core making them Tackable Panels,
Great for K-5 Schools, Children Medical areas, Elementary School Hallways. Use our many designs or Inquire with your own professional detailed drawings.

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cartoon wall acoustical panel

Wall-Toons. ‘The CAT ‘          ADD your Finishing Touches
( White tip long plastic thumb tacks, black boot lace & red tack, brass tip thumb tacks )

Edge Treatments

• Radius
• Square
• Beveled
• Miter

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• Z-Clips
• Adhesive
• Hook & Loop

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Types of Acoustical Panel Covering

The most popular acoustical panel covering used is Guilford of Maine FR701-2100 Style.

There is a multitude of colors for selection.

For a sample, contact Guilford of Maine direct at 800.544.0200

They can send you samples. Let us know your final fabric selection, for the Panel you have discussed with us. YOU – can also select other fabric mfg. of your choice. HOWEVER, that Fabric MUST be workable with the Panel style, edges, and sound absorption. We may have to test with adhesive, unless we already have experience with the fabric.

All quotations are based on Guilford of Maine FR701-2100 series, any other Fabric will be quoted based on our cost and how easy the fabric works as an acoustical panel covering. Please note, some popular fabric do not work as a covering, or do not meet our standards. Suggest you check with that fabric mill for panel covering acceptance.

. . . Making your sound decisions easier!

Click here for panel covering colors.

Important Technical Information

In this section are highlighted some important technical data concerning the acoustical panels related to the following:

• Special Corner Treatments
• Field Modification
• General Information/Field Modification
• Maintenance and Cleaning

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Email or Call for quote with project details & quantity & time line.

Mfg. Lead Time

Manufacturing lead time for accoustical panels  – Please Inquire with your exact info for current production estimate.

Order Information – Please READ !

• This is a Business to Business web site. We do not sell to the public.
• All Acoustical & Tack panels are Custom manufactured upon signed Purchase Order.
• We do NOT stock panels. Each panel order is unique as to panel size, thickness, fabric covering, edge & corner details and installation method.
• Please email your questions, or panel detail information if you need a quote. Quotes come from estimating, and can take 1-2 days depending on your details or if not enough details, we must email you back for more info or call.
• We do not price panels by SqFt, but only by Project with total panels, sizes, & details.
• We do not quote freight, unless you are ready to order.
• All Prices are ADD Shipping cost
• We email a detailed panel quote asap..
• Panels – Made in USA.

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