Color Cork Tackboard 

Color Cork Tackboard ( see samples) is a Premium resilient decorative Tack / Bulletin surface. This unique natural homogeneous material offers semi-self-healing pushpin Color Bulletin Board surface with color throughout. Colored Cork is processed and calendared onto natural jute backing. The product contains no harmful byproducts or carcinogens.


• MATERIAL – Color Cork is a Bulletin / Tackable surface sheet material. Does not dry out, crack, peel or crumble. Tacks / Pushpins can be inserted easily and are gripped firmly. Color Cork Surface is considered smooth and matte color surface.
• CONSTRUCTION – Bulletin Board is a homogeneous tackable surface material made primarily on natural materials including linseed oil, cork, rosin binders and dry pigments mixed and calendared onto a natural jute backing. This is a man-made color cork. The uni-color extends throughout the thickness of the material, while only the surface face has a slick or smooth finish.
• WASHABLE FINISH – Color Cork Bulletin Board’s linoleum surface provides for a washable finish to retain original appearance. The surface can be wiped using a neutral pH cleaner. Rinse with clean water after cleaning.


Email or Call for quote with project details & quantity & time line.


• Any Indoor application where the following features are required;
• Wherever low life-cycle cost, decorative and durable bulletin / tack surface are require, such as schools, business, healthcare, fitness centers, etc.
• Decorative or Functional Tackable surface or walls for kindergartens, schools, meeting rooms, hospitals, nurse stations, etc.
• Color coordinate decorative finish for movable partitions, doors, above counter top as side wall & below cabinets in labs and medical associates, etc.

• FLEXIBILITY – Will not crack or break around a 2-3/4” diameter cylinder.
• THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY – Coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.100 W/m.K.
• RESISTANCE to BACTERIA – Color Cork Bulletin Board provides a self-sanitizing quality in the form a bacteriostatic effect. Independent testing has shown that Bulletin Board has a sterile zone around the material that inhibits the growth of organisms such as Staphylococcus aureas and Clostridium difficile.
• ANTI-STATIC PROPERTIES – Color Cork Bulletin Board is naturally anti-static. This property makes cleaning easier because dirt and dust does not cling to the surface as it does with other materials.
• LIGHT REFLECTION – Bulletin board comes in matte colors so that reflection caused by sunlight or artificial light is reduced.
• DIMENSIONAL STABILITY – Due to the natural jute back, providing a strong durable foundation, the product is dimensionally stable in all directions when properly installed*. It resists cracking, drying and peeling. * Employ a experienced installer.

• CAN/UCL-S 102.2:FSCI-54.SD-316


Diluted Acetic Acid (5%)No effect
Diluted Citric Acid (5%)No effect
Diluted Lactic Acid (5%)No effect
Wine SpiritsNo effect
TurpentineNo effect
EtherNo effect
AcetoneNo effect
Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)No effect
AlcoholNo effect
Mineral OilNo effect
Vegetable OilNo effect
Formalin (2%)No effect

**Bulletin Board is NOT resistant to prolonged exposure to high alkalis.


PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS ( dimensions are approximate )

Width - All Colors48” Untrimmed
Width (not all colors)72” Untrimmed
Length93 - Linear feet. Varies per roll, 90 - 98 LF.
Gauge1/4” ( 6.0 mm )
Roll Size - 48” wide - all colors41 square yards. Varies per roll length
Roll Size - 72” wide - NOT all colors61 square yards. Varies per roll length

Note: Charged for the square yards shipped, may be little more than ordered.


All colors 48” wide. * 72” wide. All Roll Length Varies

IMPORTANT: Price & Quantity Info:
• Please contact us with details, quantity, color #, for price.
• Minimum order is 18 LF x 48” = 8 square yards
• All Color Cork order are Noncancelable and Nonreturnable
• Roll sizes vary from about 90 LF to 98 LF. Inquire.
• Any Price is ADD packaging & shipping, either UPS or Truck, based wgt.
• Customer will be charged for the actual square yards shipped. Your running feet or square feet will be converted into square yards, can be more than you ordered.
• Color Cork is an Upgrade from Natural Cork, so when considering this product, if Color Cork is out of the Budget, please refer to alternatives using our CurvCork #486 Natural or consider below Color Cork mfg. Bulletin Board with one of the colors above.

WE also offer:
Color Cork Unframed Panels laminated to 1/4” MDF.
Color Cork Framed Bulletin Board, in either Aluminum Trim or Wood Trim in either Clear Finish or Unfinished Wood.
• Natural Cork for tight budgets, in Rolls, Unframed Panels & Tackboards Framed in Aluminum or Wood.

Ordering Information

• This is a Business to Business web site. We do not sell to the public.
• All Color Cork product orders are Custom filled upon signed Purchase Order.
• We do NOT stock all cork types as noted. Each order is unique as to Color. size, and installation method.
• Please email your questions, and detail information if you need a quote. Quotes come from estimating, and can take 1-2 days depending on your details or if not enough details, we must email you back for more info or call.
• We price ColorCork by SqFt, and estimated Roll size, or the total Color Cork required.

See our Order Information page for more details about ordering.