display case, surface mounted

Wall Mounted Display Cases

Surface Mounted Display Cases or Wall Mounted Display Cases are custom manufactured with extruded aluminum frame or solid wood, with variety of dimensions, choice of back panel coverings, case depth, adjustable shelving & light options. Sliding or Hinged tempered glass doors are available. Learn More.

Recessed Display Cases

Each Recessed Display Case or Trophy Case is custom to your requirements, flush to wall opening, with options for back panel covering choices, sliding or hinged tempered glass doors, lighting, recessed depth, and shelve adjustments. These recessed in-wall display cases also complement Corridor Fire Safety rules.  Learn More.

Free Standing Display Cases

These elegant and functional Free Standing Display Cases are designed to exhibit unique products, corporate trophies, department collectibles and more. The shelves adjust for items of different heights, while the cornice encloses a light panel that illuminates and enhances, items are viewed through glass doors, and some offer a storage bottom panel.  Learn more.

Wall Mounted Display Cabinet

Our Surface Mounted Display Cabinets are custom manufactured to be unique Enclosed Bulletin Cabinet or secure Media Display Cabinets. Aluminum frames, tackable back panel with choices of cork, fabric or vinyl, and Sliding or Hinged tempered glass doors with Lock & Key.  Learn more. 

Recessed Display Cabinet

Our custom Recessed Display Cabinets offer a wall flush Bulletin display or Media secure display cabinet. Choice of sliding or hinged tempered glass doors with lock, choice of back tack panel covering, Cabinets overlap to cover wall opening for built-in appearance. Recessed in-wall cabinets also complement Corridor Fire Safety rules.  Learn more.